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Every detail of our Premium Organic Cotton tampons has been designed with

you in mind.

NONE of those awful chemicals, pesticides or toxins. They contain everything
you need and nothing you don’t, making them the safest tampon ever!

Super absorbent, and hypoallergenic, our Mini tampons are perfect for light
flow, small bodies and that pesky peri-menopausal flow. Plus, our pretty
packing and discrete slimline box, make Crimson Tampons the most practical
and visually appealing period product on the market.

Best of all they’re ethically produced, carrying the GOTS and ICEA Organic
and fair trade certifications meaning they are kind to both workers and the

For peace of mind and peace for the earth. Make life easier, go with your flow
and say hello to an easy period today!

Box contains 16 applicator-free 100% Cotton tampons.