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From stigma to strength: An incredible story you'll want to hear!

From stigma to strength: An incredible story you'll want to hear!

I can't believe this is still happening!

Imagine being a professional athlete, fully immersed in a race, when unexpectedly your period arrives!

This is the reality for incredible athletes like Emma Pallant-Browne who fearlessly face the unglamorous side of being a woman in sport.
I want to share Emma's empowering journey and how it has sparked an incredible movement for change as I just cannot believe women are still dealing with period discrimination!
When a photo capturing Emma's period unexpectedly went viral, she found herself at the center of criticism. Rather than succumbing to embrassassment, Emma seized the opportunity to advocate for change.
With unwavering bravery, she shared the photo and passionately voiced that racing on her period is a natural part of true female sport. By shedding light on the reality that athletes and women in general face, she has ignited a conversation about the beauty and power of embracing menstruation. 
At Crimson Organic, we stand alongside Emma and every woman who embraces their period as a natural and beautiful part of their lives.
Together we can continue breaking through the barriers, challenging stigmas and empowering women in sports and beyond.
Stay tuned for more inspiring stories, and updates on our mission to combat period poverty. 
Together, we can make a difference. 
With gratitude and empowerment, 

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