What is the most planet friendly way to dispose of tampons?
Wrap them in paper and put them in your compost.  They will also break down in a septic tank in the same way as human waste.  

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Hassle-free cancellation at any time. Simply login, and click Edit My Subscription, choose the cancel option, and save. 

Can I Change or Suspend My Subscription, Customised Plan, Delivery Address or Frequency of Delivery?

Yes it is easy.  Simply login, go to Edit My Subscription, and enter and save your changes.

What if I My Period Stops During My Subscription? (pregnant, menopause,ill health etc)
We understand that life changes. Suspending or cancelling your subscription is easy. Login, go to Edit My Subscription, click on suspend (or cancel) , and save.

Can I Gift A Subscription?
Top idea. Login, go to ‘Edit My Subscription’, add the lucky new recipient and their delivery address details, and save.

How Do You Open the Tampon Wrapper?
Look for the tear tape and pull in a circle around the tampon. It gets easier with practice. 

Why Don't You Use the The Twist Open Wrappers

Because we don’t have a polypropylene (plastic) veil over our cotton which is present on all conventional tampon brands.  A truly 100% organic cotton (or cotton) tampon will not feature a twist open feature because it will fluff up the cotton core before it is inserted.

Is The Packaging Recyclable and Biodegradable?
Yes our boxes are made with recycled cardboard and printed with non-toxic inks suitable for the most delicate of products such as food. Our cellophane wrappers are made from bio-plastic which is biodegradable.

Do You Have an Environmental Policy?
Yes we are committed to a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Policy in all aspects of our business practice.  “There is no Planet B” - Greenpeace.

Why Don't Crimson Tampons Have an Applicator

Because we believe in reducing waste and our environmental footprint.

Will Crimson Be Selling Pads and Pantyliners

Yes we hope to offer these to you soon.

Where Are Your Products Made?
Crimson is a New Zealand owned company. Our products are designed in New Zealand by women, and made in the European Union. Our cotton comes from a range of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified farms including the USA, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Turkey.  The production of Crimson tampons adheres strictly to GOTS and FDA (Federal Drug Administration) health and hygiene standards. GOTS certification also means that the products are ethically sourced.

How Do I Know if Crimson Tampons are Genuinely 100% Organic Cotton? 
Two things indicate that a tampon contains only certified organic cotton. Firstly, if it carries the logo of a nationally or internationally recognised organic monitoring body, such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). And secondly, the absence of a twist opening tampon wrapper. A twist opening wrapper means the tampon contains plastic in the form of a PET or polyester veil covering the tampon core.  Crimson tampons carry the GOTS symbol and don’t have a twist opening wrapper, which means they are genuinely made from only 100% certified organic cotton and nothing else.  Beware of imposters!


What is Toxic Shock Syndrome?
Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare but serious illness that can cause loss of limbs or death. It is caused by toxins produced by Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium that is commonly found on the skin and inside the nose and vagina. If, the toxin is produced in the vagina or a wound, and absorbed from there into the bloodstream, a person who is not resistant to the toxin may become ill. Most people develop resistance to the toxin (that is why the illness is so rare) and in these people there is no harmful effect. TSS can appear in women, men and children.

Why Is Toxic Shock Syndrome Associated with Tampon Use?

The risk of contracting TSS is higher in adolescents and women under 30 years of age who use tampons during their period. Estimated incidence of TSS is of 1 to 17 per 100,000 menstruating women and girls per year.  If you don’t use tampons the risk of TSS is reduced but not entirely eliminated. 

How Do I Reduce the Risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome if I am Using Tampons
Always use a 100% cotton tampon (like Crimson's).  This is the advice of the world's leading expert on Toxic Shock Dr Phil Tiernio who has spent nearly 40 years researching TSS.  Dr Tiernio says there have there been no known cases of TSS associated with an all cotton tampon. Learn more

Other steps you can take include: 

1. Always Wash Your Hands Thoroughly Before Handling Tampons.
2. Use the Tampon Immediately After Unwrapping. Don’t Place It On Any Surface.
3. Use Only One Tampon at A Time – ensure you have removed the last tampon before inserting a new one.
4. Don’t Force the Tampon Into your Vagina.
5. Use Lowest Absorbency Necessary for Your Needs.
6. Change your Tampon Every 4-8 Hours - If you are likely to sleep more than 8 hours overnight do not use a tampon, use a sanitary pad.
7. Only Use a Tampon When Menstruating – otherwise you can upset the delicate balance of the protective mucous that your vagina produces to keep it clean and healthy.