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Customer Reviews

The tampons are incredibly comfortable and provide reliable protection, allowing me to go about my day without any worries.

Jess W Christchurch

I love that what I'm putting into my body is organic - an obvious choice for me. And I love the cute packaging.

Anna Auckland

I thought these were great. No leaks. And no irritation, even on the last day of my period. I would buy them again.

Gen Tauranga

I don't usually use tampons because of my endo but I tried these. They were great! I didn't have any pain


Why Choose Organic Cotton Tampons?

  1. Lower risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome
  2. No synthetics, dyes or chlorine bleach
  3. No chemicals or pesticides
  4. Reduces period cramps
  5. Ethically produced
  6. Eco-friendly
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As a mother and a youth lawyer, I’m dedicated to bringing you the safest possible tampons, for both you and our planet.” Vicki Scott, founder of Crimson Organic

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Our Organic Cotton Tampons

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Access to period products is a fundamental human right.

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