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You can shove ya job where the sun don’t shine!

You can shove ya job where the sun don’t shine!

Ever wanted to scream that at a difficult boss?

You know the type - one who always comments on your little errors but is noticeably silent about your big wins. Someone who clockwatches your arrival and break times but fails to take account of the time you spend at home sending emails, making calls or thinking about how to solve a work-problem.


I was at that shit-eating stage of my career, when an older female colleague took me aside and gave me two pieces of sage advice:


1.  Always be the adult in the room. Even if your boss is behaving like a child; and

2. Don't second guess yourself. Colleagues will often try to convince you that you're wrong and they are right. But most of time it's them who is wrong.


This was great advice. But the real value was experiencing a colleague reaching out to support and encourage me. I learnt the importance of working with each other and not against each other. Of putting the ladder down for those coming behind us, and not pulling it up as we climb. And with this in mind, I started the Crimson Tampon donations programme. To lift other women up.

Thank you to all of you in our Crimson community who support us. It means so much.

Vic x 


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