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Bleeding Through: How Jess Sandoval's Journey Inspired A Nationwide Movement

Bleeding Through: How Jess Sandoval's Journey Inspired A Nationwide Movement

Ever bled through onto your chair at work?

That happened to endometriosis and PCOS sufferer Jess Sandoval. Not just once. But many times. Eventually she had to leave her job because of it!

Her Endo suffering was taking over her life, causing her incredible pain and countless hospital visits and admissions. Her job wasn't the only casualty. Her treasured marriage ended too. She never imagined she would be a single mum relying on a benefit, needing major surgery.

Her post-surgery recovery was lonely and long. She could barely care for herself. There was little support. She felt unheard and alone. But here's the inspiring part - despite her own despair, she reached out to other women going through the same thing, dropping them off meals, and providing valuable information and support.

What started as a Wellington-based initiative soon blossomed into a nationwide network, now known as Endo Warriors Aotearoa. Endo Warriors seek answers, support and recognition for the invisible endo battles so many people face. They even go into schools and communities to educate about menstrustion and period products.

Jess says she's consistently amazed by the number of people who tell her afterwards that they cannot discuss periods with anyone in their home. Astonishing in this day and age, right?

Crimson Organic is very proud to supply Endo Warriors with organic cotton tampons, including donated tampons from you, our lovely community. These are received by the communities where Jess does her mahi. Your generosity is making a real impact on menstruators' / women's lives.

With love and gratitude.

Vic x

PS Check out the Fight Like Hell co-lab Hells Pizza did with Endo Warriors to raise awareness and funds for endo sufferers. These photos were taken only days after Jess had undergone further endo-related surgery. How brave was that? She is the one wearing glasses. And doesn't she have a beautiful smile!

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