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Girl's Silenced from Period Conversations at School

Girl's Silenced from Period Conversations at School

Yup - I wish I was joking! Florida Republication State Rep Stan McClain is trying to get a bill through state legislature which would ban the discussion of periods at primary school. So if a girl has her period at a primary school in Florida, she won't get help from her teacher because the teacher will be banned from discussing it.

Grrrr- here's what's sooo wrong with this:

Health educators recommend talking to children about puberty BEFORE it happens!

It breaches international human rights laws to ban someone from accessing information about their own health and body.

Its gender discrimination and stigmatises menstruation.

It disrupts girls' education, ie they're likely to stay home when they have their periods.

And wait there's more.. The Bill also requires girls to report their "period data" if they participate in sport!!

Wanna move to Florida? 

Super frustrating news, but reinforces the importance of continuing to advocate for period equity and pushing for change.

Vic x

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