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Has your treasured daughter gone off to uni recently?

Has your treasured daughter gone off to uni recently?

Has your treasured daughter gone off to uni recently? My daughter is now in her third year so it was easier to say goodbye this time.  But the first time she left I felt broken hearted. I think I cried for a whole day.  I know – pathetic right! I was very good in her first semester at the hostel, sending her down little treats and cakes.  But my efforts dwindled as the year went on.  These days she gives me not-so-subtle prompts by letting me know when her flatmates have received goodies from their mothers’. That’s quite helpful really. 

How are you making your daughter feel loved at uni or living away from home? What about gifting her a monthly tampon subscription to save her some money and remind her of you each month? Do you know why it’s important your daughter uses 100% organic cotton tampons?  Because they are the safest.  There are no verified cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome associated with a tampon that is 100% certified organic. Only the ones that contain synthetics, plastic and pesticides ie the big brand conventional ones.  The risk of toxic shock increases if a tampon is left in for too long.  If you think your daughter’s new lifestyle could distract her from good self-care on her big nights out, that’s all the more reason to ensure she is using 100% organic cotton products.

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