Our Story

Our Values

Here at Crimson Organic we believe that women deserve ready access to menstrual products at home, at work or in their place of study.  To make this as easy as possible, we sell our certified organic tampons by subscription and provide automated delivery to your door.

We also donate Crimson Organic products to women in need through the Auckland City Mission and Te Tuinga Whanau because we believe that access to menstrual products is a fundamental human right. 

Crimson believes that you should not have to expose your body to harmful chemicals and materials in order to manage your monthly flow and that, given the choice, most women prefer a safer and more environmentally friendly tampon option.   

We also think that women value discretely packaged tampons and that our stylish Crimson Organic tampon boxes offer just that.

Join us in leading the difference.


Our Founder

Crimson Organic was created by Vicki Scott through her desire to offer busy women a better, easier way to minimise the chance of being “caught out”.  While juggling her job as a lawyer with the demands of family life and volunteer work, she decided there had to be a smarter way to access and purchase period care that ensured supplies when she needed them.

Having admired other offerings that remove routine hassles from people’s hectic lives - services such as My Food Bag and Dollar Shave -  she envisaged a world where women could access something similar for their monthly flow. Imagine organic tampons delivered right to the door in New Zealand, automatically. Imagine one less thing to think about each month. That’s when she hit on the subscription idea.

Being a lawyer, Vicki did her homework very, very thoroughly. And she was dismayed by her findings when she scrutinised the brand of tampons she had used for years and had, worse still, begun buying for her daughter.

Conventional tampon brands contain chemicals, toxins, pesticides and synthetics such as viscose, rayon and plastic. She learned they can place women’s health at risk and damage our environment. This propelled her onto another quest; to find the safest tampon available. The choice was obvious; 100% pure certified organic cotton tampons.

Crimson Organic tampons contain nothing else. They are safer for women and better for the environment. Learn more here

Vicki also saw the opportunity to support girls and women who struggle to access period products.  Through her job working with displaced people and vulnerable youth, she realised many families in our community cannot afford menstrual products, forcing too many young women to stay home from school every month. Crimson Organic provides an opportunity to help these young women overcome that barrier to both education and menstrual care.